THE WEEKND at ericsson globe:

LAST NIGHT I SAW THE WEEKND with special guest, LIL UZI VERT <3 a great show, and i got really excited when abel played 3 songs from one of my FAAAAVORITE mixtapes of all times - house of ballons - like i cried because i wasnt expecting him to play his old shit, because the crowd only seemed to know his new shit? :S anyways. that mixtape really takes me back to a time in life, it also makes me think of my friend ease. so yea, but anywas. it was good to see lil uzi too, but he kinda stagedived in to the crowd and u nvr saw him again after that hahahahayo, am i the only one who really enjoys concerts???? låter fett dumt att säga så men ja typ älskar att va inne i globen me alla ljus o hög musik <333