Bilder från Teyana Taylor’s nyöppnade nagelsalong i New York

Den 15 februari slog portarna till Junie Bee Nails upp i Harlem, New York City. Det är skådespelerskan och artisten Teyana Taylor (som just blivit ambassadör för nagellacksmärket OPI) som står bakom den nya salongen. Teyana har inrett salongen i sann 90-tals anda där grafitti och neon ska sätta stämningen för kunderna. Spana in bilderna ovan! 

Bilder: Courtesy of OPI 

Hmmmm…🤔💭 I’m thinking of a master plan…💡 A 90’s Themed Nail salon in Harlem! The vision has finally come to life and it’s ready! 🗣So come one, come all! Junie Bee Nails is granting a dope opportunity to the flyest nail techs, from around the way. No matter what shape, size, color, or gender it’s all good with us! I want to continue to create great opportunities for my community and our talented youth!! Let’s change the game, The vision is crazy! I’m talking everything from Dapper Dan style Uni’s, to Door Knockers, Bamboo earrings, baby hairs, Airbrushed nails, 54’11’s and all that other fly shit! The true essence of that 90’s Flavor. So if you wanna get on board DM your work, and resume to @juniebeenails 💅🏻💅🏼💅🏽💅🏾💅🏿 this is so exciting!! Also been a long time coming! S/o to my partner @cocamichelle we’ve put in so much work make this happen! Issa bout to be ah lituation THIS FEB!!! 😩😩🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #JunieBeeNails #OPI

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