Hello rodeo.net!

Some of you might know me but then again a lot of you probably have no idea who I am. You can read a short introduction to the right of this entry beneath my profile picture. My former blog Fashion Bits And Bobs was all about my outfits and fashion but I have been very bad at updating it in the past year. My interests have shifted and I didn't feel like updating it much anymore. When Rodeo asked me whether I wanna move my blog to this website and join people like Maria, I gladly said yes. It gives me the chance to focus again what matters most to me hence the renaming to simply Pascal Grob. I will focus on photography (also my own), art, shops, interesting places, restaurants and other random things that catch my eye. I hope I can carry over some of my old audience and to all that are still following me: Thanks for sticking around and hope you're still going to enjoy the content as much as in the past!