SFW 2018: Frankrike x Amerika i Busnel AW18

It is always a challenge, but also exciting to be able to present a new season. Our creative consultant Robert Rydberg and I have created a collection which obviously reflects Busnel’s French heritage, but we have also looked westwards. Inspiration has been derived from the American east coast’s relaxed but nevertheless stylish elegance. Bouvier, Long Island and Lasata are some of our themes. The French feminine in combination with the leisured American life style are a perfect combination for the strong, independent woman we are targeting” explains Louise Falkenberg, designer and owner of Busnel.


Designer: Louise Falkenberg Stylist: Robert Rydberg, Link Details Stylist assistants: Anna Sundelin, Hilda Sandström and Adam Pettersson Creative Consultant: Robert Rydberg Hair: Erika Svedjevik using Oribe, Linkdetails Shoes: Af Klingberg Make up: Anya de Tobon using Chanel, Linkdetails Music: Alexander Buultjens

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