Hi guys, Good news - I'm going to re-launch my blog soon! (Aiming to finish it late June.)  As I'm planning on how I can spark some more life into the blog and make it better I was wondering if you have any feedback? What kind of content and posts do you find more interesting? Here is what I have in mind: - More organized and focused content within these categories: Life, travel, arts, clothing and inspiration. - Improve on my writing + include more writing - Larger and better quality photos - More tips and recommendations - More insight on personal daily life Anyway. I'm stoked to have my very own blog platform where I can manage all visuals and the layout. It'll be much more inspiring for both you and me! In the meanwhile I won't post until the new site is up and running ~  Thank you all for reading my blog! <3   Update: Thank you for all the feedback!! You guys are amazing. I'll take it all into consideration and I hope you will like the new site. x