ZOEVA Spring Strobe Spectrum Highlight Powder Palette

Spring Strobe Spectrum Highlight Powder Palette is a new release from ZOEVA (together with a Winter and Summer highlighter palette) containing 4 pressed powder highlights with the most delicate duochrome look. They all appear white in the pan at first glance, but on the skin they transform into translucent shades of green, blue, pink and gold. Super ethereal! They are hard to capture on camera so I went for low light pictures that show the sheen in the most accurate way. The shades differ in formula a bit, the blue (SP020) is the crown of the palette in my opinion with a super smooth looking and fully transparent formula, the green (SP010) and the gold (SP040) reflect the brightest light but are slightly less smooth looking than the blue, and the pink (SP030) has more of a cloudy base colour that shows through more and diffuses the sheen a bit. No deal breakers at all, but they are different from each other. Available at the ZOEVA webshop for €23.80. A simple snapshot aaaand.. they look bright white! Super interesting! Not. When we take a closer look you can see the soft hint of colour in each shade, but wait until you see what happens once it's on the skin.. Isn't it magical? I hope you got a hint of how beautiful they are!  In this look (blog post about it here) I'm wearing the blue shade SP020 as a face and eye highlighter. So smooth, SO BLUE!