Viva la Diva Velvet Matte & Metallic Shine Liptint

Viva La Diva released their Velvet Matte Liptint last year, a liquid lipstick that dries matte and longwearing. Now they released Metallic Shine Liptint, the same concept but with a shimmery/metallic finish. I have all metallics here to show you and a few of the original mattes.85 SEK a piece, available at Åhléns in Sweden. Overall thoughts: Holy mother of f*ck these are heavily scented! Each colour is scented to match its name, and the scents are synthetic like something you would find in the cleaning isle at the supermarket or the scented candles at IKEA. I felt a bit sick after swatching these just because of the sheer force of the perfume, even by the ones that I didn't mind the actual scent of. Have that in mind if you're sensitive to smells. The colour range is beautiful, but the quality varies a lot. Some shades (you will see what I mean very soon) apply so badly I can't imagine them being tested before launch, others are a complete godsend. Look the colour up before buying!  For being liquid mattes they are actually quite comfortable. I don't tend gravitate towards liquid mattes at all, but some of these metallics I will definitely wear again. No anus lip in sight!   Viva la Diva Velvet Matte Liptint "Chocolate Mint" A matte medium toned mauve. A very popular shade of lipstick but not my cup of tea. Applies about as smooth as most matte liquids do (semi-smooth in other words), but then I'm not a pro at applying them either. Flakes a bit along the inner rim of the lip once dry. Smells and feels minty fresh on the lips, most pleasant scent out of these.   Viva la Diva Velvet Matte Liptint "Cassis"A true blackcurrant purple. Applies surprisingly smooth for its dark colour. Flakes a bit along the inner rim as soon as it has dried. Smells like blackcurrant, not too bothered by it.  Viva la Diva Velvet Matte Liptint "Liquorice"A "black" that smells like liquorice. This one doesn't even need a review, you can see for yourselves. Haha. moving on.  Viva la Diva Metallic Shine Liptint "Vanilla" A dusty pink with a slight beige mauve undertone and soft silvery shimmer. Perfection! It applies so easily, looks fantastic on the lips and felt like nothing. Smells like cheap vanilla scented candles though, quite unpleasant.  Viva la Diva Metallic Shine Liptint "Peach"A warm pink with intense gold shimmer. A bit too much shimmer for me, but probably a fun summer shade for those who want something eye catching. Applied a bit uneven, mostly on the top lip. It's as if the metallic pigment didn't want to spread evenly. Smells like peach candy, very strong but a somewhat okay scent in my opinion.  Viva la Diva Metallic Shine Liptint "Coconut"A metallic medium brown with a rosy ashy undertone. It didn't appeal to me in the tube, but once I applied it I changed my mind. There's a slight sheerness of the base which makes it go on like a matte gloss, if you know what I mean? And the rosiness helps it look less poopy. A very flattering colour that will suit many skin tones. Applies quite smooth. Smells like cheap coconut sunscreen, not as strong as the other scents.  Viva la Diva Metallic Shine Liptint "Pomegranate"A semi-sheer dusty deep red with soft shimmer. I really love the colour of this and how it has that pretty sheer base, but it does apply more patchy. So sad, I wanted to like it! The more I worked with it the worse it got, so I think this result is as good as it gets. This one has the worst smell of all, it is pure toilet cleaner!! Can't even sense what it's supposed to smell like. *shiver*  Viva la Diva Metallic Shine Liptint "Cherry"A cool toned red with pink shimmer. The only one that really catched my eye at first, and it is one of my favourites still. Applies evenly, has a beautiful rich base colour and the sparkles show through clearly, especially if you rub the surface a bit after it's dry. Smells strongly of gummy cherry candy.  Viva la Diva Metallic Shine Liptint "Bubble Gum"A sheer pink with purple/blue shimmer. This one applies the sheerest of all, but also super evenly. The natural lip colour shines through and the edges look very soft and pretty, just as if topped with a matte lipgloss. I expected to dislike this one on the lips but the sheerness saved it, I will definitely come back to it, it's wonderful! Smells like sweet and zingy fruit candy, the most "average" lippie scent out of these.  Which ones were your favourites?