Viva la Diva Move Me Jungle Eyeshadow Kit

I'm down with a menacing flu at the moment, but NOTHING CAN STOP ME when a really pretty eyeshadow palette lands on my doorstep. This is the Move Me Jungle Eyeshadow Kit from Swedish budget brand Viva la Diva. Nine eyeshadows inspired by the colours of nature, all named after tropical places. I've swatched the eyeshadows on bare skin below, see how insane that payoff is!! This is the kind of formulas I'd expect from a brand three times as expensive. The shade selection is so interesting as well, the combo of greens and reds is so contrasting and inspiring without looking garish or scary. If they just skipped those chalky pale mattes and chucked a really light highlighter and maybe a gold in there I would have peed my pants over this palette even harder. GO GET IT, SCANDINAVIANS! This is such a gem. 169 SEK (!!!! can you believe that), out now. Available at Åhléns in Sweden. Brazil - High shimmer green The star of the palette I'd say. SUPER luscious! Venezuela -  High shimmer cold light brown A tad too soft, pigment flies everywhere. Colour and the formula itself is bomb though. Ecuador - High shimmer greenish brown Another one of my favourites, a really odd olive shade. Tahiti - Matte warm beige Dry, not very even, barely shows up on my skin tone. Hawaii - High shimmer coral One more favourite! This one looks bland in the pan but it has the most insane angelic glow on the skin. Fiji - Matte light pinkish beige Also dry, applies semi-poopy and barely shows up either. Tobago - High shimmer golden brown A good basic shimmer brown, pretty! Barbados - Pearly cold dark brown Less buttery than the rest, more of a shy, buildable shade. Dominica - Matte deep red Applies surprisingly even for being a matte, and it is such a gorgeous earthy red tone!