Viseart Chroma Theory Palette

Ohhh Viseart! Mother of eyeshadows. About 2.5 years ago they started releasing these little 6 pan palettes with different colour settings, and among those came this gem. Chroma Theory. If I were to make my own smokey neutral palette it would be exactly this. A smokey silvery colour scheme with a soft brownish undertone, no blue tones in any of the shades. The dark shades are truly DARK, not midtones plus a black. As always with Viseart eyeshadows the quality is lovely, the eyeshadows are not made to give sexy Instagram swatches and later be bullshit on the eyes, they are made to build up nicely with a brush and to be easy to work with in layers. I love them for that, staying with OG makeup artist quality.Beautybay had it for nearly 50% off during their Black Friday sale so I finally snatched it. I'm so excited to finally have it after eyeing it for years! Can't wait to do some looks. Viseart Chroma Theory Palette Viseart Chroma Theory Palette swatched on bare dry skin