Violet Voss Hashtag Eyeshadow Palette

I haven't felt the need to buy makeup in a reeeally long time, I've bought two eyeshadow palettes over the last 9 months, nothing else has interested me enough during that time. One of the two palettes was the Urban Decay Kaleidoscope Dream, and the second one was this - Hashtag Eyeshadow Palette from Violet Voss. A GORGEOUS palette, but I have a few bones to pick with it.Can we just start with the theme? The **LiT SoCiaL MeDiA ViBe** and all those names make me feel like a pissed hundred year old. Can't really handle the cringe there. The typography is HOR-RI-BLE aswell, that packaging should send someone back to school if I'm honest. Too ugly for the price you're paying in this case. Now that we're past the oddly aggressive rant, the eyeshadows themselves are a dream.The palette consists of 20 shades. First row is a range of warm neutral mattes, the rest is a mainly metallic range of gold, copper, coral, pink and purple. A few duochromes, a few mattes. To me this really is the perfect shade range right in between neutral and bright. You can create barely there everyday looks and soft monotone colour schemes as well as deep smokey eyes or contrasting colour blocked brights. The shades are easy to match as well thanks to the solid colour story, no shade would look bad worn with another however you chose to match them.The formula of the metallics is like nothing I've ever tried before, they are soft and almost oily to the touch as if it was a cream, and they have this weird thickness. You get full coverage in no time and they and stick like glue to the eyelids, but they are still SO easy to blend. Don't understand it at all! They have slight fallout though so have that in mind when you smack them on. The mattes are more solid and like classic shadows, they swatch so-so but apply wonderfully smooth and buildable on the eyes. Very easy to blend as well. I have worn these with no primer (see the look below) and apart from applying as if there was a primer they didn't budge in six hours, really impressed! Available at Beautybay, or Madlady here in Sweden.  Violet Voss Hashtag Eyeshadow Palette. THAT SHADE RANGE. This is just... ugghhh it's so ugly haha. SORRY. Violet Voss Hashtag Eyeshadow Palette swatched on dry skin.