Urban Decay Afterdark Eyeshadow Palette - Swatches & Review

Urban Decay Afterdark Eyeshadow Palette is a collection of 10 jewel toned eyeshadows, all shimmery, some with a duochrome effect. It was released in the US in December if I'm not mistaken, there as a Sephora exclusive, and it finally made its way to Sweden! Available at KICKS. When it comes to Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes I just can't help myself, these 10 pan versions that they've been releasing over the last few years are so amazing. See Electric and Moondust. These palettes take a refreshing step away from the "starter pack concepts" (you know those palettes where a third of the shades are neutrals that you honestly don't need) and go for an ADDITION to the neutral stuff you probably already own. You're presented with a maximum effect colour range, and if you at least own some kind of taupe-y crease colour and a matte black you can create just any wild look you might wish for. There you go, todays dose of affection! Love you UD The Urban Decay Afterdark Eyeshadow Palette is a well thought out one. A shade range very easy to create both harmonizing and clashing colour combos with, imagine matching colours on the same row or to ones on the parallell row and you'll see what I mean! And the outer packaging is pretty as hell. Of course. Alter - Duochrome white/yellow gold. SUPER intense colour shift.Scene - Duchrome pink/gold. Dare I say NARS Orgasm on steroids?Supersonic - Rich rusty red with a peachy glow. Great shade.Sinful - True old gold. One of the most pigmented of the palette.Off Duty - Shimmery brown. Perfect shade for a quick chocolate-y smokey eye.Druggie - Luminous unicorn purple. Not pastel at all but lighter than a basic purple.Backfire - A dirty warm purple. Least pigmented shade in the palette, a "meh".Lounge - Duchrome reddish brown/aqua green shade. Old UD classic.Fringe - Bright ass aqua turquoise. Slightly deepened, total perfection. Fainted.Paralyzed - Dark blue. A tad less pigmented than the majority but no formula flaws. Makeup look from the other day, using primarily Fringe, Paralyzed and Alter. Link to blog post here.