TUTORIAL: Hyperrealistic glowy skin

Winter means dry, dull, boring skin. My solution? Faking sheer glowy summer skin! Follow my step by step tutorial below to see how I do it in less than 10 minutes.  I've been doing my base lately using these three darlings from Lumene, totally rediscovered them a while ago! Watercolor Bronzer, Watercolor Blush and Instant Illuminizer in Shimmering Dusk. Thin sheer liquid products that are easy to apply without going overboard, when layered they create natural looking dimensional skin. The formulas are immaculate and totally reflect the bumped up price tag from what we were used to seeing from Lumene. All of them are 299 SEK a pop, available through for example Eleven.se and Åhléns. Lumene Watercolor Bronzer, Watercolor Blush, Instant Illuminizer in Shimmering Dusk. Step 1: Bare skin. Always start a glowy skin look with good skincare, without freshly hydrated skin no makeup, especially not sheer and plump products, will go on too well. Step 2: BB cream and a dab of concealer, IsaDora BB Cream in Blonde Beige has been my go to. Conceal as sparingly as possible! No triangle shaped large areas of concealer, do more of a spot conceal with a tiny brush if you have stuff to cover up. I prefer not to powder anything else than my undereye area to keep the skin looking plump, I much rather use a setting spray at the end instead. Time for colour! The Lumene Invisible Illumination products come in glass bottles with droppers. I apply them using my damp foundation sponge, this one from NYX Cosmetics. Step 3: Watercolor Bronzer. Apply on the contours of the forehead, on the cheeks and bridge of the nose to mimic the look of sunkissed skin. Remember that bronzing is not contouring, don't smack it in the hollows of the cheekbones hoping that it will contour. Blend with a clean area of the sponge. Step 4: Watercolor Blush. A dab on the apples of the cheeks, plus I also apply a tiny bit right above my brow, have always done. I feel that it helps keep the face balanced and soft. Blend with the same area of the sponge you blended the bronzer with. Step 5: Instant Illuminizer in Shimmering Dusk. Dab on the high points of the face and inner corner of the eyes.  Blend with a clean area of the sponge. Apply some setting spray and some clear brow gel. Done!Key words?- Less coverage than you would imagine needing- Soft and large areas of colour- Minor setting- No nit picking, just dab it on and blend