The heart of my perfume collection

Thierry Mugler perfumes - the obsession that I just keep feeding. Angel and Alien are my two absolute favourites and have been for many years. They have been released in numreous versions and an array of gorgeous bottles over the years by the help of perfumers like Olivier Cresp, Yves de Chirin, Laurent Bruyere and Dominique Ropion, so of course I can't keep myself from collecting them. Aren't they beautiful gathered like his? I'm splitting these into rows and listing them below for you (3 bottles in the top row, 4 in the second and 5 in the third, I hope you get the order) and the names are clickable if you want to read more. 1. Angel Liqueur de Parfum, EdP (2013)2. Angel Taste of Fragrance, EdP (2011) 3. Alien Eau Extraordinaire, EdT (2014)4. Angel Aqua Chic, EdT (2012)5. Angel, EdT (2011)6. Angel Eau Sucrée, EdT (2014)7. Angel 20th Anniversary Edition (original scent), EdP (2012)8. Alien Sunessence Or d'Ambre (2011)9. Angel Muse, EdP (2016)10. Alien Aqua Chic, EdT (2012)11. Angel Eau Sucrée, EdT (2015)12. Alien Taste of Fragrance, EdP (2011) Work of Thierry Mugler from 1992, the same year as Angel EdP was released (born? found in a sparkly cave somewhere?).