The Body Shop Elixirs of Nature - Widdringtonia, Nigritella & Bohwanti

The Body Shop Elixirs of Nature is a line of 5 perfumes inspired by exotic and rare plants from each of the five continents. Sustainable and vegan friendly thinking straight through. These rare scents are captured by using non-destructive Headspace technology where scent molecules are decoded and measured in vacuum inside a glass dome around the chosen object, just like a scent camera, then puzzled together by hand. A really cool method that you can get stuck reading up on for hours (believe me, I've been there)! The perfumes are packaged in recycled glass with a wooden cap, all Eau de Parfums and containing 50ml. Swedish pricing is 425 SEK (check your local site!) available at chosen The Body Shop stores and the webshop. The bottles feel quite damn luxe, I'm impressed! Widdringtonia A dry spicy green scent inspired by fragrant wood from Western Cape, South Africa. It has that aftershave vibe (I won't call it "unisex smelling" as scent is a pure question of taste, but that's what many would say) which makes it feel sporty and refreshing, still not leaning too sharp or turning sour. As a contrast to the crispy woody greens there are warm notes of patchouli and benzoin at the base which ties the scent together beautifully, a beautifully composed scent! Quickly became my favourite of the bunch. Top notes: Artemisia, black pepper, bergamotHeart notes: Sage, geranium, nutmegBase notes: Widdringtonia, benzoin, vetiver, patchouli NigritellaA sensual floral vanilla scent inspired by a dark orchid from the Alps, Switzerland. I can't detect any of the listed top notes in this one, I get thrown right into an explosion of creamy vanilla and white flowers, almost a hint of sweet liquorice, that stand solid through the hours. The jasmine and tuberose lean towards the "pretty" side of things, none of the waxy sweatiness you can get from heavy white floral notes. I immediately recognized this scent from somewhere, to then later realize the clear similarities to Dior Hypnotic Poison. Just sayin'. Top notes: Mandarin, bergamot, green leafHeart notes: Nigritella, tuberose, jasmineBase notes: Vanilla, musk, sandalwood Bowhanti A spicy woody scent inspired by an aromatic tree from French Guiana, Amazonia. By looking at the notes I expected this one to be deep and warm and smooth, but my main impression is.. fresh? The heavy dose of patchouli is almost cleansed and rinsed beyond recognition, full on laundry cleanliness! The incense is there as a light whisper and the freesia sings a happy song on top. Full bodied indeed, but sweet and fresh on me. Could be that it wears strange on my skin?  Top notes: Galbanum, carrot seeds, juniperHeart notes: Bowhanti, freesia, cinnamonBase notes: Peru balm, incense, patchouli