The Body Shop & Cruelty Free International: FOREVER AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING

In 80% of the world animal testing in cosmetics is still fully legal, and approximately half a million animals are used in this industry every year. The results of the testing are insufficient as only 40 to 60% of the time human reactinons are predicted, compared to when using alternative methods like computer based analysis, laboratory produced skin and patch testing on humans the results are accurate at least 80% of the time. It's time to get rid of this shitty practice, isn't it? This week I went to London with The Body Shop for an event launching their new Forever Against Animal Testing campaign. Together with Cruelty Free International (those behind the Leaping Bunny symbol on your cruelty free products, you know?) TBS hope to collect and send over 8 million signatures to the FN for a global animal testing ban. Go sign the petition at Team Sweden!  I got a lot of questions about The Body Shop being owned by L'Oréal on Instagram, so I thought I'd cover it here too. The Body Shop don't let their products get tested on animals anywhere, and they work untouched within L'Oréal to ban animal testing in a way that they have actively done since 1989. First global brand ever doing so! In a world where animal testing is the norm there will always be greyscales, and I choose to support a brand that makes a huge difference moving forward. No need to agree but for me that is pretty clear. We need change.  My favourite Spindelsven!! She seems to like animals too. And have a look at these cute body butter jars we got to custom print. Totally got me.