Striped manicure with the Viva la Diva Move Me Jungle collection

Today I did a manicure using all four polishes from the Viva la Diva Move Me Jungle collection, the colours are so perfect together! I applied the polishes as usual and then did a simple stripe down the center of the nail with a different shade, just using the regular nail polish brush. I suck at nail art (plus honestly I don't even like wearing nails with a lot of.. stuff?), so this is just perfect for someone who wants something little extra without having to pull your hair out. Haha! Overall I'm semi-impressed with these polishes, the two darker shades, Panther and Aubergine, are totally fine, I like those! Especially Panther which is a beautiful off black. Mud which is the taupe grey is quite smooth but very sheer, and the light pink one called Pale is pure hell. It is thick, uneven and weird, it bunches up on itself if you drag the brush over the same area twice. I needed three coats for full opacity and to aaalmost get rid of the unevenness. Skip that one! 55 SEK a pop, out now at Åhléns in Sweden. Viva la Diva Nail Polish in Pale, Mud, Aubergine, Panther