Skin prepping without primers - My essentials

I'm not a face primer person. I've tried so many times and I have owned a zillion of them, but always feel that they either:1. Build up too heavily on the skin and actually CREATE texture within hours2. Shorten the longevity of the makeup because things started slipping around3. Roll off the skin even before I've managed to put makeup on4. Nothing at allI've started accepting that they just won't happen for me and my dry skin, and rather focus on other skin prepping that works a lot better for me. My solution: Those inbetweener products that feel too makeup-y to call true skincare, and too skincare-y to classify as makeup. PIXI is my go-to brand in that matter, they know what's up.  Step 1: The skincare Yep, still the most important thing to start a good makeup look with, never skip cleansing and hydrating. When I want to do skin focused looks I also prep with a hydrating face mask, it makes a great difference in the end result. Mádara SOS Instant Moisture+Radiance Hydra Mask is my go-to, blog post about it with full details and before/after shots here. Step 2: The magic creams PIXI Rose Flash Balm is a multi purpose skin balm with rose, it is silicone free (the stuff that makes your primer pore filling) but still has that smoothing effect on the skin, probably from the tapioca starch. It hydrates and creates a gorgeous base to apply makeup on top of. Push it into the skin with your hands, don't rub! My alternative to a pore filling primer.For a more glowing effect I turn to PIXI Glowtion Day Dew, a more lotion-like texture with a delicate purple glow. A tad too shimmery to be used on its own in my opinion, but gives any foundation a gorgeous glow boost. My alternative to a glow primer. Step 3: The face mist  Always keep a hydrating face mist on hand when you do your makeup. Not a primer spray! There's a big difference there as those are film forming makeup products while the face mist is a skincare product. DRENCH your face in it and let it dry as a last step before starting your makeup, it will help your foundation blend better and gives the skin extra luminosity. I'm currently using and loving the Gilda Hydrating Lotion. Mádara SOS Instant Moisture+Radiance Hydra Mask, PIXI Rose Flash Balm, PIXI Glowtion Day Dew.