If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen her already, if not, meet Prinsessan! A four year old Bengal baby who moved in about a month ago. My BF adopted her from a woman with allergic grandchildren, so now she's hanging out with us two and the ghost crew (aka Peggy & Selma) instead! She was named Tessan which we had a laugh or ten over, so we picked up her fancy cattery name Anastasia instead, therefore Prinsessan (Princess in Swedish). A perfect fit as she's quite a snobbish little lady. You've been asking a lot about how they're all getting along, and I must say they are such champs! Especially Prinsessan who just walked straight into a new home with other animals and settled in without worrying much at all. Prinsessan and Peggy, my Italian Greyhound, were chill in just a couple of days and even started playing while Selma, my Devon Rex, is still working on her feelings a bit. She's more reserved and gets pretty offended when Prinsessan gets to close, but they still follow each other around and have even shared the bed once, so things will definitely plan out with time. Our main goal right now is to get her on a better diet, she has a waistline of a bullterrier at the moment HEH. Every other animal in this household has been on a "eat whatever you want whenever you want" since forever, but now that we have a manic food thief in the house everyone started getting set feeding times. No one is too happy for that.