Yesterday I did something pretty with the new NABLA Cosmetics single eyeshadows, so today I'm rolling with my Halloween feels again! I wanted to do something dirtier and weirder than what you would expect from this pretty colour scheme. My main vibe was the classic looks Pat McGrath created for John Galliano about 10 years ago, a hazy mess with weird pencilled in brows.  The product list is a bit off as I'm using the NABLA eyeshadows for basically everything today, plus the rest is used all over, so I just listed all products without a category.  Plus I'm not listing the products I covered my brows with, I prefer doing it with a gluestick but didn't have one on hand, I went for thick matte hair wax that I powdered down instead and it worked alright. Just check a good YouTube tutorial on how to properly do it instead of asking me for advice haha Products used:• NABLA Cosmetics Close Up Concealer - Porcelain, Ivory• Linda Hallberg Infinity Filter Loose Setting Powder - Light• NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow - Kids, Cinnamon, Leon, Pitch Black, Artemisia, Verve, Poetry• Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil - How Many Carats?!• IsaDora Inliner Kajal - Nude• Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara• eBay rhinestones • Linda Hallberg Infinity Glass Top row: Coconut Milk, Kids, Cinnamon, LeonMiddle row: White Truffle, Chiaroscuro, Capsize, Pitch BlackBottom row: Artemisia, Verve, Poetry, Chérie Shape