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Today I finally got around to trying the neon SUVA Beauty Hydra Liners (A LOT of SUVA at the moment but you know how I am, there's always a brand that gets me extra hyped up), they are water activated paints that you just.. well.. paint your face with. You can either do the same thing as me and blast Venetian Snares and Aphex Twin and just have a creative meltdown, or just use the paints as a neon accent in your more standard makeup looks. And as always with products like this - If you are going to use it on other people or want the product to stay fresh for as long as possible, scrape a bit out and mix it on a palette instead of going in with the brush straight into the pot! I use them the nasty way because they are MIIINE and won't touch anyone elses face. Scrunchie (coral) is my absolute favourite, this formula is super smooth, it applies thick and opaque and the colour is just amazing. Fanny Pack (green) is okay, it applies so-so on the first swipe but with a second coat it turns quite opaque. Dance Party (yellow) is the shitty one of the bunch, it was just clumpy and impossible to apply evenly. You can see the difference in formula on the brushes in the picture below, see how gunky the yellow looks in the brush compared to the coral? In all, get the coral and maybe the green if you crave some neons, you can pass on the yellow. Available internationally at both Glossgods (SWE) and the SUVA Beauty website (CA). SUVA Beauty Hydra Liner in (from the top) Fanny Pack, Dance Party, Scrunchie