NABLA Cosmetics - The Matte Collection

It's all I've been wearing over the last few days, and today it has finally launched! The Matte Collection from NABLA Cosmetics is a line of 12 new eyeshadows, all spanning from warm to neutral and cool undertones. A great range of shades for a soft look or as a perfect blending colour for ANY other eyeshadow in your makeup collection. As we all know by now, NABLA is probably my favourite eyeshadow brand due to that insane quality, so my good review will probably not be of any surprise. With this launch the classic Soft Matte and Super Matte formulas just got a new friend, Matte. What that means I'm not sure I understand, I probably have all three formulas at home right now but wouldn't even held at gunpoint be able to tell them apart. All NABLA mattes are soft, silky and insanely easy to work with, they don't grab on in weird places and they blend like nothing else. They look airbrushed onto the skin.  These eyeshadows are sold separate and they come in magnetic pans without outer packaging, perfect to pop in a magnetic palette you already own, or pick up the one that comes with the collection and start filling it with shades from all different brands or collections to create your own perfect palette. The collection launched today, available at the NABLA Cosmetics website for €7.11 each. Top row: Coconut Milk, Kids, Cinnamon, LeonMiddle row: White Truffle, Chiaroscuro, Capsize, Pitch BlackBottom row: Artemisia, Verve, Poetry, Chérie Shape Coconut Milk, Kids, Cinnamon, Leon, White Truffle, Chiaroscuro, Capsize, Pitch Black, Artemisia, Verve, Poetry, Chérie ShapeA usual with NABLA there's a bunch of flattering pink tones. Artemisia is a standout shade for me, a true neutral fleshy pink. Slightly redder one called Verve is also glorious.The warm shades are surprisingly flattering for fair skin, Kids and Cinnamon are both definitely warm but they are more apricot in undertone than reddish orange. No rustiness in sight.The murky taupe green called White Truffle is perfect for grounding and blending out more intense greens or to deepen yellows, an unusual colour!Pitch Black is not really a pitch black to me, it's more of a dark dark grey which makes it less scary to work with than something that applies like a black hole.Poetry is a weeeird lavender, shades like this are usually very thin and wispy and look like "meh" on the skin but this one is SO rich in colour, it's unlike any other purple I own.If I could only pick two out of these it would be Kid and Artemisia, I would be able to use those two with a million other eyeshadows. Makeup look using Verve, Artemisia and Chérie Shape. Blog post about the look here. Makeup look using Kids, Cinnamon, Leon, Pitch Black, Artemisia, Verve and Poetry for basically everything. Blog post about the look here.