NABLA Cosmetics Glow Trip Highlighter "Divinizer"

"Glow Trip Highlighters are a journey of light in your beauty routine!Pressed highlighters with precious reflects for those who aren’t afraid of beaming. The mirrored finish, super light and transparent, melts into the skin for a lightweight result, simply incredible! Patented technology guarantees the transparency and light purity, as well as the porcelain smooth, zero powder finish." NABLA Cosmetics made some solid claims about their new Glow Trip Highlighters. I didn't expect much because at this point - how much more can you get out of a highlighter than what's already been released a million times? But then something lands in your lap and you're like ssshit okay I'm obviously still ready for more. This highlighter comes in two shades. Crown is a champagne gold, a shade that we've seen a bunch of times so I'm not too hung up on it because of colour, but still use if a lot because of the finish. The second colour and my favourite one is called Divinizer which NABLA themselves describe as a peach-magenta and gold duochrome. It is definitely a pink highlighter, but a lot warmer than the cyber-esque purple pink highlighters we've seen a million times. Suuuper flattering on the skin, I use it daily just because I feel the tone really freshens my complexion up. The finish is glass like, a transparent base with an intense wet look flash that brings out the absolute best in your skin. Especially when applied right on top of cream products or after setting spray it just foils the skin in the most stunning way, not at all that garishly "over-pigmented" metallic look you can get from a lot of intense highlighters. The finish is very similar to the Anastasia Amrezy Highlighter which as you may remember was one of my 2018 favourites, much because of how beautifully it enhances the skin. My one and only drawback with this product is that NABLA Cosmetics has always released beautiful luxe packaging, but this time they definitely tried to save in on some money. It feels cheap. ICK! Please tell me this was a hiccup and not a new lowered standard, ok? Glow Trip Highlighter is available at for example and Beautybay. NABLA Cosmetics Glow Trip Highlighter in Divinizer NABLA Cosmetics Glow Trip Highlighter in Divinizer on the face. Blog post about the look here.