My eyebrow routine (and the importance of a good brow tint)

Let's talk about my eyebrow routine! I have been doing the same thing for years and years so those of you who have been reading for a long time may recognize all of this, but it's definitely time for a recap for new readers, right?In this post I will show you step by step how I tint, pluck and fill them in and the difference each step makes. How I normally wear my brows. I want them dark and defined yet soft. No Insta brows for me thxxxx   The starting point: a ratty pale brow that needs some love. At this stage I always think that my brows have thinned out because "they look worse than ever, I must have lost loads of hair!". With the following steps I then say "aaah right, I hadn't." Every. single. time.  My number one key to amazing brows? A good brow tint. Without some dye in my brows I end up spending a lot more time doing my makeup, and the more the colour fades I get less and less satisfied with the finished result of my makeup. They just end up looking like.. makeup! It's a million times easier to handle brows where all the little translucent eyebrow hairs you dind't know you had actually show up. Those tiny hairs help fill out the shape of your brow and keep them looking natural even with some makeup in them. I use RefectoCil, a brand that a lot of salons use. On me it doesn't fade as quick as other brands found in Sweden. I go for the cream developer, a liquid is also available, but that's just a matter of preference. My colour is 3 Natural Brown, an ashy dark brown. They have a large shade range, pick what suits your brows or desired end result. Picking the same shade your brows naturally are will still enhance all those tiny translucent hairs and volumize your brow so you don't need to go dark if you don't want to.  I start out by mixing the developer and tint 50/50 and applying it to my brows with a clean spoolie. I apply it in a similar shape to how I would fill them in. Leave the tint on for 5-10 minutes (I often go for 15 because I just find that it makes them look even darker).  Wipe the tint off with a damp cotton pad. Then I go in with a micellar water to remove any unwanted stains on the skin. I find that Refectocil stains my skin a lot less compared to other brands.  Time for plucking and filling them in! I pluck all the unwanted hair with a Rubis tweezer, the best one I've ever had. I hated my Tweezerman tweezer even though everyone and their mother said they were the best. Nope, Rubis it is. I always wait to tweeze until the tint is done, then I'll see much easier what needs to be done. I fill my brows in softly with an eyeshadow or brow powder, current favourite is the NABLA Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Chiaroscuro, applied with either a large angled brush, a small smudger or a lip brush. I then set the brow with Anastasia Clear Brow Gel.  Et voilà! Tinted, plucked and filled in. A handful of small details that end up making a huge difference.