Linda Hallberg Enchanted Secrets Duochrome Palette

Linda Hallberg just launched two gorgeous palettes, one with high shine metallics and one with duochrome shades. So excited! Here I have Enchanted Secrets to show you, a set of four sheer shadows with a beautiful colour shifting sheen that can be used for anything on the face and body. They can be applied with both wet and dry brushes/tools, and depending on if you choose to apply them on dry skin or a primer/coloured base you can wear them sheer or boost the duochrome effect.The shadows are super silky and a bit dry, a great thing for them to work well as for example a highlighter. On the eyes I would definitely choose to apply them over at least a sticky base so that they adhere evenly. I'm so in love with Zephyr, omg what a shade!! These palettes launched exclusive at KICKS this week, they retail for 549 SEK. Linda Hallberg Enchanted Secrets Duochrome Palette. The duochrome sheen is so hard to capture in photos, it actually shows even better blurry in the next shot!  Moonwake, Ethereal, Zephyr, Orphic