IsaDora Ultra Matt Liquid Lipstick - Swatches & Review

A couple of months ago IsaDora released Ultra Matt Liquid Lipstick, described by IsaDora as a intensive ultra matte formula combining the ease of a gloss and pigmentation of a lipstick, a long lasting creamy lipstick that gives a "barely there" feeling on the lips. They cost 129 SEK a pop. I have 8 out of the 12 shades available here to show you.Initial thought:Right away I got intimidated by how horribly they swatch on bare skin, they are slippery and adhere badly while still leaving clumps all over. Then one day I reached for one of the neutral shades for some reason and got hooked?? They are fantastic on the lips!Formula:These liquid lipsticks are unusual in a way that they don't apply like thick opaque acrylic paint, I find that most liquid lipsticks are just too intense in formula to work well with neutral shades. These are sheer (though said to be very pigmented) which leaves the edges of the lips looking soft and smooth, while your natural lip colour shines through a bit (good thing with the light shades, very bad with the dark ones..) They do dry down to a totally smudge proof finish that looks velvety and soft without drying the lips out. Application:After wearing them for a few weeks I can say that they apply the prettiest when you apply it, blot your lips together and dab with a finger across the lip and lip line to soften it even more.Conclusion:In all - go for the neutral shades in this range! The dark ones turn patchy and uneven in this formula, not even almost worth it. And don't believe that you'll want to collect all shade of these, the shades are pretty damn similar so just cherrypick your personal favourites and you'll be set. IsaDora Ultra Matt Liquid Lipstick in Nude Attitude, Posh Pink, Bare Cashmere, Vintage Pink, Cool Mauve, Dusty Cedar, Sugar Brown, Brownberry Swatched in the same order as above. Don't they swatch incredibly bad on the skin? Ughh. Wait for the lip swatches and you'll be amazed. The wand is a bit scooped and has a pointy end, it's a really good one for precision. Bare lips for reference  IsaDora Ultra Matt Liquid Lipstick in Nude AttitudeA pale neutral beige. The most "band aid coloured" of the bunch, a shade that somehow always seems to suit me well. I love it! Great with really dark eye looks. Doesn't look whitened and gunky even though it's quite pale.   IsaDora Ultra Matt Liquid Lipstick in Posh PinkA soft 80's flamingo pink, slightly coral toned. Not my kind of shade but it is actually very flattering because of the softness of the colour, the colour has no white base so it won't look pastel at all. A great summer colour for those who want to pull of a classic tropical face.   IsaDora Ultra Matt Liquid Lipstick in Bare CashmereA rosy neutral beige. It's like Nude Attitude but one shade darker and with a drop of pink. A total "my lips but better" shade on me, I've worn this one quite multiple times lately.    IsaDora Ultra Matt Liquid Lipstick in Vintage PinkA classic rose shade. A bit more "grown up" than Posh Pink. Very flattering on, another one that I've worn a lot. This one will probably suit anyone.    IsaDora Ultra Matt Liquid Lipstick in Cool MauveA mauve pink. Slightly darker than the rest of the pinks. Not my kind of shade either as anything mauve turns purple on me, but very soft and classic looking. If you love mauves this one will be bomb.   IsaDora Ultra Matt Liquid Lipstick in Dusty CedarA warm rosewood shade. My absolute favourite! It defines the lip as it is a bit darker, but is still soft enough to not look like makeup. I haven't worn one single makeup look where this lip looks odd. Explains why it's been in so many makeup looks lately..   IsaDora Ultra Matt Liquid Lipstick in Sugar BrownA cool pink with a medium brown undertone. A cooler version of Dusty Cedar, great if you're more of a pink lip person.   IsaDora Ultra Matt Liquid Lipstick in BrownberryA dusty burgundy shade. Here's what the sheer formula does to a dark shade, see what I mean? It is very very hard to apply evenly as it streaks where you drag the wand, then it settles into the texture of the lip. Skip this one.