IsaDora Liquid Lip Cream - Swatches & mini review

IsaDora just released a new line of glossy lip products called Liquid Lip Cream, a weightless high shine formula with the opacity of a lipstick. I LOVE to finally see some shiny lippies!Four shades were released with this launch, a mauve called Berry Brown, warm tomato red Loving Red, metallic rose red Red Legend and plummy brown Brunette. The first two are super opaque, the last two needs some extra work to look even, maybe even the help of a pencil. I'd say pair them with a pencil anyways, they will bleed along the edges otherwise. The formula is thin and balmy, very comfortable on the lips! Not sticky at all, and it still doesn't have that greasy texture that non-sticky glosses can have. They have quite a noticeable perfume-y scent.In stores this week, 129 SEK each.Which colour is your favourite? IsaDora Liquid Lip Cream "Berry Brown" IsaDora Liquid Lip Cream "Loving Red" IsaDora Liquid Lip Cream "Red Legend" IsaDora Liquid Lip Cream "Brunette"