IDUN Minerals Magna Instant Max Volume Mascara review

Idun Minerals Magna Instant Max Volume Mascara is supposed to deliver maximum volume and full lashes with only a few sweeps. A creamy and easy to apply formula. The curved brush creates a defined result with no clumps. Washes off easily with water, no unnecessary additives, vegan.Recommended price is 219 SEK for 13 ml, Idun Minerals is available at swedish pharmacies. Released in May. Bare lashes 2 coats of IDUN Minerals Magna Instant Max Volume Mascara So what does it do? Length: 4/5I do get nice length with it, it brings out the best in my natural lashes. But no holy crap factor.Volume: 3.5/5Surprisingly little volume for being marketed as a volume mascara. It looks nice and full for being a natural lash, but I would never be able to create thick 60's lashes with it.Definition: 4.5/5It separates the lashes well thanks to the brush, but needs a little bit of moving around to look perfect as a few hairs tend to want to stick together.Precision: 5/5A close to perfect mascara brush in my opinion! It is fluffy, thin and slightly curved, hugs the eye so nicely and makes it easy to reach every single lash. Thumbs up! Effectivity: 3/5Needs a lot of building up to get that fat lash effect, the formula is a bit too thin and slips off the lashes a bit during application. Dries slowly after application.Colour: 3/5Actually quite grey for being black.Water resistance: 1/5Not water resistant. Marketed to be easily rinsed off with water so no surprise there. A drop of water on the lashes and a hard blink creates black lines around the eyes. Feels very mild on the lashes though.Longevity: 3.5/5Apart from being sensitive to water it does stay in place throughout the day, but the curl does straighten out a bit after a while.  Conclusion: 27.5/40A mascara that definitely gives beautiful lashes but not quite in the way that it is actually marketed. Needs some work to build up and it is a bit too sensitive to water for my taste. Would love to see a blacker version as well. Release a waterproof version and I'm definitely interested!