HOW TO: Heart Nails

I'm feeling a bit crap at the moment, until I'm back on track (which I hope will be very soon) it's easier to focus on nails than on makeup. So let's do a step-by-step on how I do these heart nails! No need for tools, stencils or pinpointed perfection, just a couple of nail polishes and a somewhat steady hand. This manicure is all about practice, because the techique itself is really really simple. Once you get the hang of it you will be able to do this almost as fast as you paint your nails in a solid colour.I'm super basic and always do this manicure in one colour at the time and that is mostly red, but I've also worn this manicure in black, hot pink and dark blue and it looked just as nice. Maybe try doing it in a rainbow colour scheme with one colour on each nail? Pastels? Greyscale? Peacock colours? As accent nail in a regular manicure? Topped with glitter? The possibilities are endless! Tag me in all your pictures if you decide to try it! Step 1:File nails into a rounded or pointy shape Step 2:Apply a base coat. I use IsaDora Rock Base which has a soft pink tint and smoothens the nails. This coat will be half of your finished nail. Step 3:Pick any coloured nail polish that is OPAQUE as this is much harder to do with a sheer polish. If the nail polish has a rounded or slightly wider brush it also helps a lot during application. This is Smith & Cult Kundalini Hustle, my go-to red. Step 4:Apply the coloured nail polish to about a quarter of the nail, a stripe straight down, with a softly rounded shape on top just as you normally do close to the cuticle. Do another stripe next to it. If you make the shapes lean towards each other you will make the bow of the heart perfect on the first try! Otherwise perfect it with the nail polish brush. Step 5:Once the nail polish is dry apply a top coat (glossy or matte both look nice). If you apply too quickly you will smear the colour onto the part that is bare and ruin the effect.