Ya girl is back on the fever train! It seems as if my body has adapted to being sick, absorbing any bacteria ever just to HOPEFULLY get sick again. Would explain a lot. So, having my face look fresh is tough at the moment haha.Instead of my face, let's talk about a tattoo! I rarely talk about tattoos on my social media as I don't want it to be a focal point in what I do (so no tattoo tours and that crap haha sorry) but when I have something I feel like talking about you know I will!Cezilia Hjelt Röstberg at Gbg Classic Tattooing (check out her Instagram here) is my tattoo queen. She tattoos harsh, fast, pitch black, evil and with no mercy, but still somehow with the most delicate hand. She did this panic-y tiger on my stomach this winter, and it immediately became one of my absolute favourite pieces. Yes it hurt like a mf. Yes I'm glad I'll never have to do that area again.