Glossier Play Vinylic Lip "Bank"

Glossier Play Vinylic Lip is a glossy non-dying lip lacquer, it keeps your lips hydrated and healthy looking in contrast to the hella dry liquid lipsticks we've seen everywhere over the last few years. FINALLY! This formula is right in between the feeling of a lipgloss and a lip balm, giving the lips more the look of a thick layer of balm, not a mirrored gloss. The product comes in a clicker pen with a fuzzy applicator which makes it super easy to in a single step apply in this blended fuzzy fashion, great for me who nearly always go in with a cotton bud blending the edges of the lipstick anyways.In the Vinylic Lip line you find 6 shades, most being pinks or reds. Not a shade range I was very drawn to tbh so I only kept two shades for myself. This one called Bank is more on the plummy berry side which I really like, as well as Pony which is a beige taupe. I can show you that one too if you're interested.Pony went on super smooth with no patchiness at all as it's more neutral, while Bank naturally has some unevenness as most sheer plum shades do. A thing worth mentioning, but not something that I would ever see as a bad thing. I really like this natural bitten lip look.Available at the Glossier website for 170 SEK/$16. Glossier Play Vinylic Lip in Bank