Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil "How Many Carats?!"

A couple of days ago I posted about the Gloss Bomb from the new Fenty Beauty Diamond anniversary collection celebrating their first birthday, a glistening duo in white. Read about it here!Today we're looking at the Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil in the shade How Many Carats?!. It is marketed as a highlighter/body luminizer, to my eye this should be considered a body product. Diamond Bomb is, just as the name suggests, a bright white sparkle suspended in a transparent base. As the base has no reflective properties (like highlighters do) only the fine glitters will catch the light, it looks like millions of tiny snowflakes on the skin and not like an even glow. Perfect for a glam décolletage, less perfect to enhance areas of the face in a sculptural way. It could be nice as a dusting of glitter on the face for a dramatic effect, but it does not double as a highlighter to me.The bright white shade is perfect for any skin tone as the translucent gel like base doesn't dull the natural colour or finish of the skin. It doesn't photograph nearly as beautiful as it is in real life so I hope you can at least grasp how amazing the delicate sparkle is from my shots below.When I tried Diamond Bomb on I realized how much I actually miss a product like this in my stash, basically all sparkly body products come either suspended in sticky oils or packaged loose in messy and/or bulky packaging so either way they're a hassle to use and I end up forgetting about them. This one you just swirl a brush into, I've used it with the Fenty Beauty Face & Body Kabuki Brush, and then onto the skin and it doesn't turn into a huge mess at all. So easy to throw in a bag and top up on the go! The formula has a slight cooling sensation on the skin which makes me think it's water based, I think that's what helps it adhere better to the skin than a loose formula. I always end up having those all on my clothes and nothing left on my skin after an hour. Let's finish this product analysis off with a conspiracy theory: The Fairy Bomb that Fenty Beauty released this spring was also a body sparkle and it came packaged in a huge powder puff, even though it was pretty as hell it was bulky and had problems dispensing product onto the skin. When people cut the puff open and swatched the product itself it was gorgeous, seeing that I thought to myself, it's just a question of time before a similar product is released in pressed format. I believe this is it!Available now at Swedish Sephora for 385 SEK. Check your local Sephora for pricing!  Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil in How Many Carats?! I really love the diamond shaped sparkly packaging, while my BF straight away called it out on looking like the bathroom mirror splattered with toothpaste. Fuck, I can't deny it. But I want to. Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil in How Many Carats?! applied heavily. Not too flattering applied like this in my opinion. Fenty Beauty Diamond Bomb All-Over Diamond Veil in How Many Carats?! applied with the Fenty Beauty Face & Body Kabuki Brush. This dispenses the product evenly and gives the skin a lovely diamond sparkle. When shot out of focus you can really tell how much it sparkles!