Dance Legend "Sulley"

Some things need to be seen in real life to be fully understood, that's the story with the Chameleon collection from Russian nail polish brand Dance Legend. Easily THE best multichrome nail polishes I've ever tried. The colours are so crisp and shift beautifully in different lighting and angles, plus the metallic finish is so smooth it looks like car paint. So today I'm spamming you with a whole bunch of pictures hoping to at least give it the slightest bit of justice.Sulley is my favourite shade out of the six shades available (if we can't mention The Knight which was limited edition and long gone, it shifted from a bluish steel grey to gold, SICK colour), this one mainly shifts from magenta to blue to turquoise, but at really sharp angles you can see the most gorgeous fiery gold. Two coats works on my short nails, three for longer. Dries quickly, wears surprisingly well. Same thing through out the whole Chameleon line. Available through Hypnotic Polish.