Cien Lipstick "Nude Brown"

You know I'm on it again!! I'm slowly trying my way through the hella cheap skincare and cosmetics from Cien, German grocery store Lidl's own beauty/hygiene brand. Their Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss in Sweet Toffee has been my everyday go-to lip gloss for months now (read my blog post about it here), so why not try a lipstick next?Cien Lipstick in Nude Brown, a basic warm neutral colour but a great place to start.I'm used to cheap lipsticks feeling slippery and greasy while still enhancing every little crack in my lips. This one does neither, it has a balmy cream texture but is more on the waxy side, and applied it actually made my winter dry lips look smoother and more hydrated. The formula feels a tad heavier on the lips than what I would wish for it to be, but not at all heavy in a way that would make me not reach for it. I'd easily put this one in the NYX quality spectrum so I'll gladly wear it again! The wear time is so-so, it IS a bullet lipstick on the balmy side so it will wear off with time just like any other lipstick of its kind, but it's super easy to top up so I don't see it as a problem with neutral shades.I believe the lipstick has the slightest sweet scent, my nose is totally stuffed from a cold at the moment so I can't tell for sure, but it can't be anything offensive.I tried so hard to find my receipt from when I bought it but couldn't find it, but I'm almost 100% sure it was 29 SEK.Have you tried any of these lipsticks? Are the other colours as good as this one? Cien Lipstick in Nude Brown Bare lips for reference Cien Lipstick in Nude Brown