Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter - Review & Demo

"This is a customisable, complexion booster that gives everyone super starlit skin in seconds. With the versatility of a primer, the mega-watt glow of a highlighter and the perfecting properties of your favourite digital filter, the Hollywood Flawless Filter was born on the red carpet, inspired by technology!" That's how Charlotte Tilbury describes her Hollywood Flawless Filter. A product that lands right inbetween being a primer, tinted moisturizer and highlighter. I have used it quite a bit lately and you have been very excited to hear more about it, so let's dig in today! Hollywood Flawless Filter comes in 7 shades, you can find it at for example Cult Beauty for £30. The product itself Hollywood Flawless Filter comes in a glass bottle with a screw top lid, and in the lid you have a mega sized doe foot applicator. I would definitely have preferred a tube or pump for hygienic reasons. The product itself is thick and fluffy, not slippery like a primer or greasy from oils, more like.. gummy?? A very interesting texture that I really like the feeling of both during application and wear. It doesn't set, but won't slip around much. The luminosity is at max but it doesn't have a single speck of shimmer, it has kind of a metallic sheen to it, which weirdly enough blurs the skin quite well. Luminous products tend to bring out texture, but this one is quite kind to texture even when worn alone. With some strategically placed powder on top you see the smoothing effect even better. How to wear it You can wear this product as a primer underneath other foundations which I don't really like simply because I find the end result feeling too heavy when it's layered with both foundation and concealer. You can wear it as a cream highlighter on top of other products too which I don't really like either, it just hasn't got enough gloss for my taste. I want a cream highlighter to look weeeettttt! This would work better if you wear a bare face and just want some added luminosity on the high points though. Third and my favourite way of wearing it is like a mega glowy foundation. I apply it all over and follow it with a medium coverage concealer where needed and some strategic powdering. That's how I'll demonstrate it below. Bare skin. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter in 1 Fair applied all over the skin with a makeup sponge. Too glossy at this stage for my taste, but if you're into this kind of skin, just leave it like this!  Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter followed with:• Viva la Diva Concealer With Argan Oil - Pure Light (1) • Linda Hallberg Infinity Filter Loose Setting Powder - LightThis combo creates a perfected medium coverage base with radiance, and it still looks just like real skin. A great base to work from when doing intense/graphic eyes as the natural finish really makes any look keep a foot on the ground. A look wearing this exact base only with some powder highlighter on the high points, and a spritz of face mist to bring the glow out a little extra. Link to blog post about the look here. Final thoughts Overall this is a beautiful yet slightly weird product. It's not like anything else I've ever tried with this texture and finish. I wouldn't say I NEED it in my life, but I really like having it as a base alternative on days that I want something less perfected. It's not a product I reach for on the daily, but when I want this specific look I can't think of anything even nearly as good. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless FIlter works wonders if you: • Have skin that is more on the dry/normal side rather than oily• Don't like a lot of coverage• Want both a glowy and smoothing effect in one• Aren't afraid of experimenting with textures and the way you do your makeup routine• Have some extra money in your pocket because it is not cheap