I asked on Instagram how you wanted to see my favourite products of 2018, and you voted for a collected post with short and snappy descriptions. So here they are! The products I found that just ended up sweeping the court with anything else I've tried before. I believe two of these are pre 2018 in my collection, but they are still so damn important they deserve a spot in this post.If you're wondering why product X that I seem to love is not in this post I probably left it out on purpose. I wanted to keep this post super tight, only mentioning the one of a kind stuff that I simply can't substitute with anything else. No need to mention a product that I can easily substitute with another similar favourite, I feel?   Linda Hallberg Infinity Filter Loose Setting Powder "Light"A loose setting powder that comes in 3 shades, it blurs the skin and sets cream products without drying my skin out at all. When Linda released it this summer I picked it up and just never stopped using it, my old favourites ended up on the shelf. I can immediately see a difference in my skin if I use anything else. Look at any makeup post ever from the last 6 months and I'm using it! NABLA Cosmetics Blossom Blush "Kendra"Oh, old bestie Kendra. There's just no other blush like her for light skin. It's right in between every undertone imaginable (is it rosy? rusty? reddish? pink? beige? dunno) and has the softest satin sheen that makes it match any look ever. The perfect "no blush blush". A look using it here. Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy HighlighterA soft golden beige highlighter, like glistening water on the skin. Surprisingly not yellow/dark looking on light skin for appearing so golden in the pan. The formula is intense yet not makeup-y as it looks lovely even on bare skin, and it looks stunning on anyone. A look using it here.  Pixi Beauty Liquid Fairy Lights "Crystalline"A translucent iridescent glitter in liquid format. I've ended up topping SO many smokey eyes and glittery eye looks with this one during the year, and it's just pure perfection. Perfect amount of density in the amount of glitter, it doesn't fall everywhere during application and it doesn't flake off throughout the day. A look using it here.Linda Hallberg Fantastick "Goldstone"A gel like glossy lipstick with medium pigmentation that's super comfortable and really smoothens the look of the lips. This entire line is great, not just this shade. My most used one is probably Pink Opal which I couldn't find right now, it's probably buried in a handbag somewhere as I always carry them with me. MORE SHADES PLZ. Blog post about them here.Urban Decay x Kristen Leanne Kaleidoscope Dream Eyeshadow PaletteYEAH YEAH you hate the layout of the pans I KNOW, but this eyeshadow palette is the most stunning combination of finishes and colours, a jewel toned rainbow palette very similar to how I would have made it myself. I used it about a MILLION times during the first half of 2018 and I probably got you tired of seeing it. Blog post about it here.  IsaDora Active 24hrs All Day Wear Make-Up Foundation "Fair"I have never before found a matte foundation that works for my dry skin, but this one is definitely it. With heavier makeup I often want something blurring and polishing for my base, a blank neutral canvas that makeup lies flawlessly on top of, that still shows some of my natural skin. This foundation gives me just that with its satin finished medium coverage and flexible comfortable texture. It dries into place enough for me to not need setting powder, yet it doesn't enhance dry spots. Blog post about it here.Depend Artificial Eyelashes "Beatrice"So.. pigs are flying! This year I found a false lash that I ACTUALLY WEAR REGULARLY. Beatrice is a wispy round cut lash that is longest in the middle, it mimics the natural shape of my eye beautifully without overpowering my looks. The band is thin, soft and invisible, plus it's short which makes it fit my eye straight from the packaging (no need to cut it and destroy the symmetrical lash!), and the lash is thin enough to not hide any makeup on the eyelid. I honestly feel a bit naked without them these days. That's how good they are. A look using them here.  NABLA Cosmetics The Matte Collection EyeshadowsWhen NABLA released this line of 12 new matte eyeshadows I thought I'd pick my favourites out and end up mixing those up with other matte neutral favourites. Nope. These eyeshadows are ten times the quality of any other matte eyeshadows I have ever tried, and using old favourite mattes just makes me sad now. I'm destroyed. So I kept this little palette the way I put it together, and use it in basically every single look I do. My most used shades are probably Leon, White Truffle, Chiaroscuro and Pitch Black. A look using them here.Pixi Beauty Eye Define Waterline "Tightline Black"The perfect black eye pencil. It's PITCH black without a weird undertone, has a creamy formula that smudges beautifully, stays where I put it (as in DOESN'T transfer to my brow bone which most pencils do) and the pen is slim and easy to work into the lashlines. A look using it here.Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint "Uncensored"The red lipstick of red lipsticks. It's rich and deep without actually being dark, and the undertone is a true neutral red. The liquid format is great in this case as it provides that full cartoon-y coverage only liquids tend to have, but it's one of those liquids that don't dry fully smudge proof. It gives you extra wear time without losing the comfort of a regular bullet lipstick. A look using it here. Which products were your favourites during 2018?