Beauty products rarely anger me, but..

Once in a blue moon I find something that is just.. horrid. I feel sad saying it when it's a product I had hope for. This time it was the Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina Eyeshadow Palette. A palette of 14 eyeshadows in a purple/pink and warm neutral colour scheme, 7 metallics and 7 mattes. A pretty colour scheme for someone who doesn't want anything insane but still wants some colour. Just launched in Sweden and is sold at KICKS for 545 SEK.Let's go through my full experience trying the palette out! Put your seat belts on. Here's the palette straight from the box. One shadow (Dreamer on the upper left) came smashed but I easily packed it back into the pan with my finger and pressed it into place. Hmm, weird. The shadow formula is.. mushy? Another shadow is cracked but not broken. Conclusion: the talk I've heard about this one breaking in shipping for a lot of people is probably 100% true. Let's hope that the rest works out.What happens when we swatch the shadows with a finger?The swatches are beautiful. But the metallic eyeshadows are so soft that only a finger gently dipped in it creates a mushy hole in the eyeshadow. What the f..? This formula is off. The mattes are still looking fine in the pan after swatching. Let's see how the palette works on the eyes when used with brushes. Holy FUCKERONI, the eyeshadows are flying EVERYWHERE. The falldown is on a whole other level, I have never seen anything like it. The lighter metallics are so soft that they cover my eyelashes in a thick layer of eyeshadow and the brush flicks glitters into my eyes, I'm wiping tears while applying because the eyeshadow is literally burning my eyes. The less shimmery metallics like Wild Child and Celestial apply a tad easier (still bad though) when it comes to falldown, but they just don't look like anything on. Who can even tell I used the two brightest shades in the palette? I sure can't. They all look like muddy beiges and browns with a slight hint of colour, it's as if they lose all intensity on the eyes even though they're there.Let's try defining and smoking  the eyes out.I'll go fot the darkest wine red shade, Passion, to define the eye on top and bottom. That one just doesn't blend. At all. Packed on with a flat brush it looks pretty, but as soon as I go in and try blending it it disappears into nothing, especially under the eye. Ok, so no definition on the eyes today then. And no real highlight because the lightest shimmer (which still is too dark) is a cloud of knife sharp glitters. Fuuuck. What does the palette look like after two uses?Now this is a JOKE.Any eyeshadow I put a brush into disappears into a cloud of dust. Two uses on the eyes and both Love and Passion already have deep dips in them, I'll hit pan in a few more uses. Plus the eyeshadow dust has now marinated all clothes and makeup items I own. Thanks to the fact that I have been experimenting with a fully powdered matte base lately I could wipe the fallout away and not have it stick down anywhere. If that wasn't the case I would without a doubt have to wash it all off. So I dodged a bullet and managed to get a final look. I did this look knowing when going in what my problems would be as it was my second try using it, still fucked me over.We have an end result at least.I know the end result looks quite alright, but it took me twice as long as any other look would. And let's reflect on the fact that this is the most intense, high contrast and well blended result I could ever achieve with the palette. I rarely have such problems with a look that I almost wash it off my face, but this is seriously muddy and it's choppy where I tried blending anything. I could do better with just about any palette I own, especially with any palette that cost this much money. My conclusion? This palette was created to look good on Instagram still shots and in YouTube "hauls" or unboxings. People are supposed to swatch it on their arm, yell "IT'S SOOO PIGMENTED", make others buy it from that, and then put it at the back of a drawer and never use it again. That is what sells these days.  This palette is what the fucked up influencer consumerism boils down to in my eyes. We have the full recipe for shitty mindless consuming right here. You get it because of hype, then you doubt yourself on whether it's just you who "missed the point" when it sucks ass. Because everyone else seemed to like it!  The beauty influencer thing to say is that "it didn't work for me but it is probably someone elses faaavourite", but sometimes shit is just shit. This palette does not work, and it saddens me that people buy it believing that this is the best thing they could get with their money. Anastasia Beverly Hills need to get their shit together. We've seen them make palettes like this time and time over, I mean the Subculture palette scandal should have been enough for them to never want to do a palette less than perfect again. It is a scam! Selling expensive products that aren't even usable with basic makeup tools and techniques is below all thinkable standards. Shame. What's the alternative to the Norvina palette?The closest thing I own and have tried is the NABLA Cosmetics Soul Blooming Eyeshadow Palette (blog post about it here). The quality is wonderful, I've used it a million times and I'm still not tired of it. It has the same soft approach colour wise.If the colour scheme is what gets you going and you want it turned up five steps in intensity, snag the Violet Voss Hashtag Palette (blog post about it here) instead. It performs beautifully, plus it actually went were I feel Norvina fell short colour wise.Or just admit that what excites you is a single eyeshadow in there, not the whole palette. In case you don't already own that colour elsewhere in your makeup collection - buy a single eyeshadow, Urban Decay or Nabla Cosmetics carry loads of pretty ones for example, and use it with a neutral eyeshadow palette that you already own. Profit!