BACK TO BASICS: How to make the most of your eyeshadow

Why won't my eyeshadow apply evenly?Why won't my eyeshadow look the way it does in the pan?I bought the same eyshadow as you but it doesn't look as intense as it did on you. Why?Why does my eyeshadow start collecting in the fold of the eyelid right away?Why does my eyeshadow lose intensity in a few hours? I often get asked this type of questions in my DM's, so I thought I should go back to basics and talk about the wonders of eyeshadow primer! A true necessity in any eye makeup lovers makeup bag that solves all those problems in seconds. Let me know if you have other issues with makeup and I'll do more posts like this! What is an eyeshadow primer? An eyeshadow primer is a cream product, transparent or coloured, that you apply before your eye makeup to bring out colour and make it wear longer. It dries smudge proof and a bit tacky which makes powder products stick to the skin better and not move around during the day. The primer becomes a good canvas to work on as it evens out texture differences between oilier and drier parts of the eye which would make the eyeshadow adhere unevenly.The primer creates a barrier between your eyelid and the eyeshadow, almost like an "eyelid deodorant" if you will, which stops oils from the eyelids from travelling through the makeup and making it smudge. That oil is the reason for both patchiness during application and the eye look getting worn in too quickly.Apply the primer on bare skin (no layers of foundation or concealer underneath) and blend in with a finger or brush until it's tacky, then you're ready to apply your eyeshadow. Which eye primers are the best? No brand makes eye primers as well as Urban Decay. They have had their original Eyeshadow Primer Potion for years and years and today the range is quite big, it's available in multiple matte and shimmery colours and also, my favourite version so far, the Anti-Aging version. My eyelids feel like dried up raisins if I use something that's too matte which makes the silkier and less matte Anti-Aging version perfect. The more mousse like original is the ideal one for someone with oilier lids I would say. Also a bonus: The UD primers are sold both in full sizes (10 ml) and travel size (6 ml). I rarely finish a primer before it gets old or dry so the minis are perfect for me. Urban Decay is available at KICKS and Åhléns in Sweden. All other brands I've ever tried have been bleak versions of the UD primers, to be completely honest. Too Faced Shadow Insurance measured up to the original Primer Potion many years ago, but that one has changed in formula and feels less budge proof than it did before. So I'm back to square one with my trusty old favourites that never let me down. Let me know in the comments if you have any great (cruelty free ofc) primer alternatives!  Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging. This is the travel size, it's slightly bigger than half the size of the full sized tube.  The same eyeshadow applied twice softly rubbed in with a clean finger. Once on bare skin, once over a primer. See how much better it adheres and how it brings out that intensity?