Anti-concealer? I vote yes

I have talked about this multiple times before, but let's do it again! It's one of my makeup must-haves, a product I will repurchase over and over again even though it's quite up there in price.Rodial Eye Sculpt is a cream eyeshadow that doesn't look like makeup, it's more of a tired eyelid stain. An anti-concealer! I love wearing this as a base for other eye makeup or for a super quick barely-there makeup look to just enhance the depth around the eyes. When worn alone I like to skip under eye concealer completely, I feel that it plays along with the under eye darkness and getting rid of that would defeat its purpose.The magic with this one is the amount of pigment, it isn't as pigmented as other cream eyeshadows. I would say it's at about 40% intensity which gives that sunken in soft look instead of looking like makeup. The level of pigmentation makes it good for contouring the face as well.The silky mousse formula makes it easy to apply and blend out, it only sets slightly, so it will move a little during the day if it isn't topped with other shadows or worn with a primer underneath. I personally find that the slight moving adds to the look. Rodial Eye Sculpt is available at for example Skincity in Sweden for 469 SEK. Rodial Eye Sculpt comes in a heavy glass jar, feels quite luxe. Rodial Eye Sculpt swatched at full force in the center with blended edges.  Rodial Eye Sculpt on Simon, face otherwise completely bare. Here you can see what I mean by it working with the natural darkness under the eyes, concealing with a look like this would defeat the purpose. It deepens and brings focus without looking like makeup at all. Bare eyelid VS. Rodial Eye Sculpt smudged all over.