Ace Beaute Blossom Passion Eyeshadow Palette - First impression

You know when you see a colour scheme and your body is just like.. I'M REDY FOR THIS. The Blossom Passion Eyeshadow Palette from Ace Beaute did exactly that for me, and when Beautybay finally started selling them a few weeks ago I just had to try this palette and another pretty one out. So here it is! The palette contains 12 shades ranging from soft corals to bright pinks and deep reds. A warm shade range without rusts and oranges. Did I say I'M READY FOR THIS? The formula seems a bit powdery when it comes to the matte shades, shimmers are nice and creamy. All shades are super finely milled and feel soft. I really look forward to trying it out on the eyes.Which shades would you like to see me use first?Available at Beautybay within Europe or the Ace Beaute website for you Americans reading. Ace Beaute Blossom Passion Eyeshadow Palette Ace Beaute Blossom Passion Eyeshadow Palette swatched on dry skin.I did the palette a bit dirty with the uneven swatches as I have to swatch on my right arm these days and not my left as I've done for 10 years. My smart self placed a tattoo smack dab on my swatch area. And I can barely write my name with my left hand so this will be an interesting journey. Smart move Viola.